What we do


AT MAINSTAY we have evolved a clear and robust strategy for investing and preserving investors’ wealth in the face of an uncertain and temperamental marketplace.

As personal circumstances, aspirations and goals also change the daily demands and the pressures of life can make it difficult to devote time to your financial affairs, or to clearly assess and achieve your aims. When invited to work with clients our primary objective is to get to know their unique circumstance and priorities and take a good look from a financial overview. Through discussion, we aim to bring clarity, perspective and set goals for the future.

Once you have started the journey we aim to keep you on track. Regular communication and periodic re-evaluation of progress is an essential part of our ongoing commitment to our clients.

The solutions we offer are well researched, robust and flexible so that they are adaptable to inevitable alteration and change. Whatever recommendations we offer, they will be keenly formulated to be tax-efficient, up-to date and with top market reputable companies.

Bespoke investment portfolios, tailored to your needsPlanning for the years ahead, with strategies to make the most of your plansGuiding hand to enable you to pass on a future