How it all works


Mainstays’ services have been developed over many years of experience and a systematic way of operating, proven by the fact it works for our clients. We work with you and for you. Through each unique experience we will do the following, always in consultation with you, and communicated at all stages.

Initial consultation

– Initial interview and detailed assessment
– Establish aims and objectives
– Groundwork investigations
– Necessary checks and paperwork
– Recommendations for courses of action
– Action taken on your instructions
– Portfolio established

Ongoing service

– Attentive regular checking and recommended adjustments to portfolio
– Meeting to review at regular agreed intervals, personal, Skype or telephone
– Status detailed report
– Telephone and email support

Who can be a client?

We specialise in helping clients with a larger than average asset base. For investment you will have assets, such as cash, pension funds, or an inheritance, that can be invested and grown. If you need advice in preserving and growing your assets, inheritance tax planning, protecting income or life, planning for retirement then talk to us.


Naturally Mainstay is a business. It is in your interests that we get paid for what we do. Our clients want much more focus on outcome-based, rather than fee-relative or benchmark-relative performance. Fees are competitive with the market and in line with firms providing boutique portfolio services.

All Fees and charges are covered in our client service agreements.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and trust advice.