Building investments

graduate-celebrates-webInvestment is a way of taking what you have now and growing it so that it provides for your future. How that is done and how successful the outcome depends on where and when you place your assets. Many people consign money into investments without a clear idea of why they are doing so.

You accumulate wealth by spending less than you make over a long period of time and by preserving capital. You do not accumulate wealth through investments alone. Investments are a tool to assist in accomplishing financial goals; they are part of the planning process and not an end in themselves.

There are three good motives for investing:
– To become debt free
– To meet future needs (for instance to provide for family, education, retirement, inheritance or capital projects)
– To be able to give more away.

We will work with you using good investment principles such as having a long term perspective; diversifying your portfolio; keeping the portfolio continuously under review; avoiding risky investments and hasty decisions; avoiding areas that generate anxiety; only investing out of your surplus and avoiding high borrowing in order to invest. Our strategy is to make healthy returns and avoid capital losses.

As your investment adviser we would be responsible for evaluating your current assets, establishing the basis of your requirements, recommending a strategy for future investments and then working with you to harmonise your portfolio with your expectations and risk appetite.

The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you have invested.