Why Mainstay?


main·stay n.
1. A chief support.
2. Nautical A strong rope that serves to steady and support the mainmast of a sailing vessel

We have chosen our name carefully to reflect our unique identity. The mainstay holds up and supports the mainmast of a boat. Without it a vessel cannot face the seas, as its mast will bend to beyond breaking point. Even the lightest of winds would make the mast unsteady, vulnerable and unable to allow the boat to keep its course. The mainstay is as vital to the boat as a compass is to the captain.

Life is rarely plain sailing. In uncharted waters it is difficult to find your way. In the same way as you would not set sail without charts, waterproof clothing, food, or water, so it is when setting sail in the choppy waters of the future. Investments, retirement, enhancing and preserving assets, provision for your family and future all need sound informed advice – a steady hand on the tiller.

Taking that journey with Mainstay gives your vessel a chance to make it to its destination. We provide a way ahead, knowing the way to navigate the route required, the equipment needed, and all within the boundaries of safety that you set in order to give peace of mind.