Mainstay Investments Limited a company created in 2013, comes with a long-standing reputable pedigree at its heart. We are an independent consultancy that provides solutions for wealth management, investments, and income generating strategies, as well as protection for your family and estate.

Mainstay is a professional business with an emphasis on individual service. This is achieved by understanding our clients’ personal values and individual circumstances. That understanding, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the market, enables us to create a bespoke specialised solution tailored to each individual requirement. Proven results have seen clients’ investments weather even the recent market crash and downturns in the economy, and be in better condition than at the start of the journey.

We work with high net worth clients at various stages of life, be it early family life through to retirement and beyond. Each ‘life stage’ may have different requirements but one feature is common to all – the need for peace of mind.